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How To Anal Sex
Brittany Taylor , Conor McMillen
In this 82-minute, in-depth video, Conor and Brittany share and show about how to ease in to anal play and anal sex in a really nice, sustainable, pleasurable way, with Brittany being the receiver in this video (her ass receiving the anal play) and Conor being more of the facilitator, along with Brittany, to open up her ass with toys, and eventually to be inside of her ass with his penis. This video is recommended for anyone and everyone who is interested in anal play, and also specifically great for those who are new to it or want to develop a more awesome relationship with giving or receiving anal play. Enjoy an extended intro to this video, for the first 18 minutes, where Conor and Brittany talk about the "how to" behind what they are about to demonstrate. They talk about a lot of great tips for creating an awesome anal play experience. They share about tips for gently opening up the anus with toys, creating a safe and comfortable environment for everyone involved, having excellent communication and great connection with your partner/s throughout the process and more. Throughout the remainder of the video, enjoy a variety of camera angles and closeups of what the pair is playing around with, as they aim to bring you an in-depth visual to get a sense of what they are doing. At minute 18:16, Brittany and Conor get into warming up together, kissing and touching one another while they are clothed. At minute 20, Conor takes off Brittany's shorts and begins playing with her pussy and ass. He shares some verbal instruction as he does so, specifically around minute 22, while playing with her ass with his finger. The pair also begins to introduce the use of sex toys, and shares about them as they do so. The pair continues to communicate regularly as they play around with the use of new toys to see which ones they like while continuing to gently allow Brittany's ass to stretch in preparation for larger toys, and eventually, Conor's penis. At minute 29 Conor shares more about technique and touch that he uses to help Brittany relax and open up, and motions that he avoids. Throughout their play time, Brittany shares about how she is feeling, which is often very good and also intense, after a year of not receiving anal play with anything larger than Conor's finger or a very small toy. By minute 33, the pair both have their clothes off and are continuing to communicate with one another and the camera as they take their time with more toys. They both enjoy stimulating Brittany's clitoris and vaginal area while continuing to play with her ass as well. As the pair experiments with more toys, they find that they prefer the glass ones to the silicone ones, noticing that they seem to slide in more easily and feel better inside Brittany's ass. They also notice that the lube they are using seems to not be as ideal as others they have used in the past, and plan to use something else next time. They talk about how the receiver, Brittany...

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