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Brittany Taylor

Brittany has always been a fan of sexual exploration and play. From a young age, she felt positively connected with herself through intimate, self exploration, through sensual and sexual touch. She also enjoyed connecting with her partners sexually, naturally drawn to exploring a wide variety of areas of sexual connection, healthy communication, and co-created safe spaces as a way to deepen intimacy with herself and with her play partners. Whether engaging in fluid love-making, kinky play, dirty talk, group play, anal plesure, vaginal exploration, clitoral stimulation, orgasms, strap on, oral, fingering, or intercourse, Brittany is a fan of growth ignighted through sexual exploration. She believes in creating powerful, intentional spaces for connection, to go deep, to be light, to heal trauma, to deepen bonds, to explore being human, and ultimately to have an amazing time in the surrender of pleasure and power of both receiving and holding that space for another. Brittany appears on this site with both of her partners, Conor and Bridgette, and in solo videos.

Outside of her passion for sex education, Brittany also loves holding space for beings ready to open up their hearts, their minds, their relationships and their lives to a greater expression of being the fullness of themselves this life. She offers coaching and online programs, both on her own and with Conor and Bridgette. She is also passionate about being a mama, moving her body, hosting retreats and events, and engaging with the beautiful communities of badasses she has the pleasure of being a part of in Austin, TX, USA.

Brittany Taylor Updates

How To Strap On Female To Female
Bridgette Wolleat , Brittany Taylor
Join Brittany and Bridgette for a sex education video on the topic of strap ons! In this video, the two share an extended introduction about why they love strap on sex play, their personal experiences with strap ons, and tips to help make strap on play comfortable and fun. Bridgette and Brittany both take turns being the giver and receiver, showing two different strap on variations. They experience internal and external (clitoral) orgasms and show good positions for both while wearing or receiving a strap on. They close out the video reflecting on how the experience was for them.

Double Squirting With Brittany And Bridgette
Bridgette Wolleat , Brittany Taylor
Bridgette and Brittany talk and show how they both help each other squirt!

Real Sex Sessions Power-play, bondage, anal
Brittany Taylor , Conor McMillen
In this 18-minute video, Brittany and Conor spend most of it intro-ing the themes of the short sex play video to come. They share about the filming of this video, how it was never done with the intention to share with the world, and how it feels exciting to be releasing it. Conor and Brittany talk about their feelings about BDSM, and power play, plus the fluidity they both feel in playing with dominant and submissive roles. They talk about using bondage, and the specific piece that Conor is in in this video, which involves ankle and wrists straps, plus a ball gag. They share about ass play and anal penetration, plus Brittany's love for fucking Conor, and in this case, specifically fucking his ass. With the intention to make more in-depth, instructional sex ed videos about each of these topics, Conor and Brittany touch on all of them, without diving into too much detail. The final 4 minutes is the compiled footage taken from their sex play session. Brittany was using a hand-held camera, which she positioned from various angles, at the time with the intention of having it as a personal video to show how hot the play session felt to be a part of, and particularly to witness Conor, in this role that she feels so excited to experience him in. Needing to use both of her hands, she put down the camera during Conor's climax, but picks it back up after to show his beautiful body post-orgasm. [Filmed November 2016].

Real Sex Sessions Oral Rim job Intercourse
Brittany Taylor , Conor McMillen
In this hour-long video, Conor and Brittany begin by intro-ing the video, and talking about what you can expect from it. The sex ed video was filmed a few months prior, and it was the first "full sex" video filmed with the intention of being a for the Sex Ed site. The video gives the viewer a look inside what one of the pair's full play sessions could look like. There is a nice variety of play, with a still angle shot, which does not always allow for the viewer to see the everything up-close, but rather to enjoy the rhythm, passion and intimacy of Conor and Brittany's play. The 50-minutes of play are filmed from one angle, the side view of the bed, as Conor and Brittany invite you into a full, relaxed session of sex play and love-making. They begin by making out, with their clothes on for the first 10 minutes. Around minute 20, Brittany then goes down on Conor, stimulating his penis head with her finger, as she licks in and around his ass and nuzzles and massages his balls and this whole region with her face, then moving on to suck on his penis with her mouth. The two then enjoy making out, and around minute 30, the focus switches to Conor stimulating Brittany's groin region, first with her pants on, then with them off, using his hands and mouth around her inner vagina and outer pussy area. Conor begins fingering Brittany vigorously as he licks her pussy and she enjoys a clitoral orgasm at minute 46 and another at minute 49. At minute 50, Conor and Brittany bring in a toy to stimulate Brittany's clitoris, which they do while they have intercourse, and while Conor fingers Brittany and she masturbates with the toy. They enjoy this setup for the remainder of the video, enjoying a joint orgasm at the end of their play. [Filmed January 2017].

How To Ride Cock
Brittany Taylor , Conor McMillen
Enjoy updated audio, lighting and close-ups! In this 38 minute video, Conor and Brittany discuss and show the art of riding and being ridden. The video contains an 11 minute intro, 5 minute outro and 20+ minutes of full-on riding action with a variety of close ups. The first 10 minutes they talk openly about the joy they feel in each position, the variations and the transitions. At around 10 and half minutes the duo share a candid and fun moment while undressing, laughing at their own antics, bringing more realness into the video. At 11 minutes Conor and Brittany are fully nude, kissing, touching and becoming aroused. At 12 and half minutes Brittany moves on top of Conor where they continue making out and grinding. At 13 and half Britt talks about how she moves her pussy over Conor’s penis before putting him inside of her, stimulating both her clit and his shaft and head. She then puts his penis in her pussy where the first full screen close up shot begins at 14 and half. Brittany continues to share about how she puts Conor inside of her. The full screen close up fades into a dual shot of both the close up and the entire shot at minute 16 and fades out by 16 and half. At 18 and half another close up commences when Brittany is sharing on stimulating her clit while Conor’s penis is inside of her. At 19 the full screen close up fades to a split screen for another half minute. Brittany and Conor continue to get more aroused and turned on while sharing about different ways they move in this position to aid one another’s pleasure. At minute 20 Brittany shows a side position, then transitions to sitting up, with her feet flat on the ground, squatting over Conor. Another full screen close up begins at 20 and half showing the view from the front for half a minute, then switches to the view from the back, ending at 22 minutes. At this time Brittany turns around, facing away from Conor. She discusses the art of the “booty bounce”, or “twerking” and demonstrates while Conor is visibly shaken with pleasure. At 23 another close up for a half minute ensues. Finally, Brittany turns back around at 24 and half minutes, and the pair turn their attention away from the camera and focus on each other’s pleasure. Brittany has an internal orgasm at minute 28 and again at 31 and half. At 32 Conor pulls out and cuts on Brittany’s ass. They kiss and hold each other until the video fades into the outro at 33 minutes. Conor and Brittany close out the video sharing candidly and lovingly about their experience. Both feeling fulfilled and happy. [Filmed 2007]

How To Eat Pussy
Brittany Taylor , Conor McMillen
Join Conor and Brittany for 45 minutes of sex education focused around pussy oral play. The video begins with a 11-minute verbal introduction, where Conor and Brittany share about how they enjoy to engage in oral sex and the details around areas that they like to stimulate. Conor shares his perspective as the “giver” and Brittany shares about hers as the “receiver.” In the next part of the video, Conor and Brittany first take some time to begin to connect physically, beginning with kissing, as Conor begins to massage Brittany’s body, warming up the areas that he is soon going to stimulate. At the end of this segment, Conor takes off Brittany’s pants. For the next 15 minutes, Conor begins to get into the initial phase of stimulating Brittany’s body, in and around her pussy area. He explains as he shows us what he is doing, which areas he is stimulating, and how he is touching them. The oral sex play portion follows, lasting 18 minutes, where Conor is orally stimulating Brittany’s pussy, while also internally stimulating her vagina with his fingers. Conor is no longer narrating what he is doing to the audience, but rather, has invited you in to watch the oral sex play between him and Brittany in action. Both Conor and Brittany thoroughly enjoy the giving and receiving of the oral sex play, syncing up in an intimate space they are excited to share with you. Brittany experiences a number of clitoral orgasms, including a few resulting in surprise squirting, which soaks the bed underneath them. In the final segment, which lasts 6 minutes, Conor and Brittany return to sit in front of the camera, fully clothed again, to reflect on their experience during that oral sex play segment. [Filmed March 2017].

How To Strapon
Brittany Taylor , Conor McMillen
In this 57-minute sex education video, you will learn everything you need to know about strap-on sex, in particular, anal sex from a on person with a prostate. The video covers the different types of strap-ons available, how to assemble them and how to put them on. It also covers the nuances and particulars of thrusting, penetrating, angle and speed to maximize pleasure will minimizing discomfort. Most importantly this video advocates open and clear communication throughout this vulnerable and super sexy act. The video’s intro begins with 12 minutes of sharing how and why to practice strap-on sex. It then moves into showing two different styles of strap-on harnesses and a few attachments before Brittany shows how to put them on. The entire intro ends at minute 20. From minute 20-24 watch Conor suck Brittany’s strap-on cock before the two make out while Brittany plays with both cocks together, featured in a close-up. This is followed by few minutes of oral ass play from Brittany on Conor before the two set up and discuss penetration. Penetration while Conor is on his back begins at minute 28 and goes to minute 33 with multiple of close-ups. A new position is discussed briefly before they engage in doggy-style. Finally, Conor sits on Brittany, both facing the camera, stroking his own cock, experiencing a massive orgasm with cum-shot at minute 40. Conor and Brittany briefly cleanup off camera before finishing out the sex section of the video, having Brittany lay on her back and receive oral, fingering and dildo play to reach multiple orgasms that end around minute 48. The rest of the video discusses any tips that were missed in the intro, how the two felt during the process and how they are feeling now. [Filmed November 2017].

How To Prostate Stimulation
Brittany Taylor , Conor McMillen
In this 41-minute video, Conor and Brittany spend the first 14.5 minutes talking about why they love prostate stimulation and the theory behind how specifically they like Brittany to stimulate Conor's prostate. Starting at minute 15, the theory ends and the action begins as we join Conor and Brittany on the bed, with Conor fully nude. The two start by kissing and touching one another, while Brittany begins to warm up the area around Conor's thighs, penis, balls and most importantly, his ass. A couple minutes into this, Brittany begins to narrate and share what she is doing as she is stimulating Conor. She continues to share as she further warms up his ass with her fingers, mouth and tongue, while Conor strokes his penis. At minute 25, Brittany shares about using lubrication, and she then begins to enter Conor's anus with her finger, to begin stimulating his prostate. They continue to play through minute 34, when Conor has an orgasm as Brittany presses on his prostate and licks his penis head, while Conor strokes his penis. For the final 5 minutes, Conor and Brittany, fully clothed, come back to share with the camera about their experience. [Filmed March 2017]


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